Brian’s story

Top ranked golfer doesn’t need to see it to tee it!

Photo of Brian MacLeodSince Brian MacLeod lost his sight nearly 25 years ago, he has achieved some monumental accomplishments that many people can only dream of! The Truro resident is one of the best blind golfers in the world, winning the Canadian Blind Open three times, the US Blind Open twice, and the Italian Blind Open and Australia Blind Open once. He also ranked second place in the World Blind Open twice.

Growing up, Brian was always active in sports – baseball, hockey, football and, of course, golf – until a hockey puck detached the retina in his right eye. “When I went back to work at Superior Propane, I caught the other eye on the corner of a barbeque shelf, detaching the retina in that eye as well,” says MacLeod. Countless surgeries were not able to repair his vision, leaving him completely blind.

When he turned to CNIB, Brian learned vital skills through the orientation and mobility (O&M) program, allowing him to travel safely and independently again.

“I remember my first day with CNIB’s O&M specialist. All we did was walk up and down one little street beside my house. It’s just straight up and down but I remember thinking, ‘I’ll never be able to do this’,” says MacLeod. “I was always afraid I was going to fall or bump into something, so I would just stop. Over time, I was able to build confidence and now I am able to travel with confidence in my community.”

With support from CNIB, Brian has realized his determination in life. “Don’t be a quitter,” says MacLeod. “If you’re truly passionate about something and you stick with it, you’ll find a way to succeed. With vision loss, it may take you a bit longer, but you’ll find a way to do it.”

Finishing first overall in 48 out of 73 international blind golf tournaments, clearly Brian doesn’t need to see it to tee it!

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