Stephanie’s story

Living life to the fullest

Photo of Stephanie BerryStephanie Berry doesn’t let anything hold her back from living life to the fullest. Through goal ball, yoga, rowing and running, Stephanie maintains a very active lifestyle. 

Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at two years old, Stephanie grew up with a strong understanding of the challenges she needed to overcome in order to reach her goals.

Stephanie’s transition from high school to university was a pivotal time in her life. She turned to CNIB to help her learn to travel safely and independently at university.

“CNIB was instrumental in helping me make my day-to-day life easier getting to and from classes.”

Equipped with her white cane, Stephanie set out to identify routes and ways to get around campus safely.

She also worked on maximizing the use of her other senses to help boost her awareness of her whereabouts.

Although Stephanie has recently completed her Master’s degree in counseling psychology, CNIB’s instruction isn’t only limited to her academic life. With a new apartment in downtown Halifax, she is also learning helpful hints and adaptive techniques for everyday activities like preparing meals, cleaning the house and doing laundry.

“I love the challenge of trying something that I’ve never done before and having new experiences. It’s comforting to know that CNIB is there to support me along the way.”

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