LCBO raises funds for CNIB Ontario

TORONTO, Ontario — As of Sunday, May 21, the public can help support CNIB by making a donation at any of the 660 LCBO stores throughout Ontario. Donation boxes for CNIB will be displayed at LCBO checkout counters until Saturday, June 17.
With CNIB now in its 100th year, the organization is focused on shifting the way community members with sight loss are perceived and treated to create an inclusive society in which people with sight loss can thrive.
"We're breaking down barriers and building awareness to change what it is to be blind today by challenging and correcting misconceptions associated with sight loss. We're also advocating to change legislation that works against individuals with sight loss, but we can't do it without the support of our communities," says Alain Saumur, Director of Philanthropy, CNIB Ontario. "People with sight loss can do almost everything that you can do – they just do it a bit differently."
CNIB would like to thank LCBO’s generous customers and supportive staff for supporting CNIB through their network of stores.
“As a socially responsible community-minded retailer, LCBO is pleased to partner with CNIB Ontario and a variety of other worthy causes through the Giving Back In Our Community fundraising program,” says George Soleas, President & CEO, LCBO. “Through the generosity of LCBO customers and the support of our staff, we help improve the lives of countless Ontarians and make a difference in communities across Ontario.”
CNIB Ontario is one of many charities that will benefit from the LCBO’s province-wide donation box program this year.
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Photo 1: Copy of the CNIB backer cards to be placed on donation boxes in LCBO stores

Photo 2: Jack Ondrovic, Customer Service Representative, LCBO and Diane Bergeron, Executive Director, National and International Affairs, CNIB & Guide Dog User kick off fundraising efforts at the LCBO store in Manotick.
Facts and Stats
  • Every 10 minutes, someone in Canada begins to lose their sight.
  • Approximately 2.2 million Ontarians have one of the four major eye diseases – age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts – and are at serious risk of losing their vision in the future.
  • Approximately 187,000 Ontarians currently live with significant vision loss that impacts their quality of life.
  • 10 years from now, the prevalence of vision loss in Ontario is projected to increase by nearly 30 per cent due to the aging population. Higher prevalence of obesity and diabetes also places more Ontarians at risk of developing vision loss.
About CNIB Ontario
CNIB Ontario is a registered charity, passionately providing community-based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Ontarians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life. To learn more, visit or call the toll-free CNIB Helpline at 1-800-563-2642.
For more information, please contact:
Shannon Simpson
Manager, Communications, CNIB Ontario
1-888-233-1232 ext. 5147
Silvana Aceto
Senior Communications Consultant, Corporate Communications, LCBO
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