Commitments made to constituents with vision loss need to be kept



EDMONTON – CNIB has launched a new social media and letter-writing campaign – Commitments Matter – to ensure that commitments made during the recent provincial election are kept. These commitments to fully-fund and fully-integrate rehabilitation for the visually-impaired were made directly to constituents affected by blindness or partial sight. 

To view a short video that highlights these commitments, visit

A new website – – gives Albertans an opportunity to easily send a letter to their new MLA. A paragraph from the letter reads: “As your constituent, I am concerned that Albertans living with blindness or partial sight have to rely on a charity to access their primary rehabilitation. Just like rehabilitation to assist individuals who’ve suffered a stroke or a brain injury, vision loss rehabilitation can help the visually impaired live and travel independently in their homes and communities.”

“We want our newly-elected MLAs to know that commitments matter,” said JS Ryu, CNIB’s director of public affairs. “More importantly, we want them to know that rehabilitation matters and it’s vital for Albertans living with blindness or partial sight.”

“Hopefully, the new government will move quickly to fully-fund essential rehabilitative programs and services for Alberta’s blind and partially-sighted population.” 

For more information, please contact:

Director, Public Affairs, CNIB
cell 780.901.6779

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