Canada Post provides accommodations for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted


Over the next four years, Canada Post will gradually convert five million addresses with delivery at the door to community mailbox delivery.

CNIB has worked with Canada Post on issues relating to mail delivery to our clients and other Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Consultations between Canada Post, CNIB and other organizations have resulted in a number of accommodations and a dedicated team to ensure customers who are blind, partially sighted or living with any disability can continue to access their mail and parcels. Some of those accommodations include:

  1. Compartments equipped with a sliding compartment tray. It could make it easier for you to see and reach your mail by reducing bending or stretching. To use the tray, just pull on a tab and slide it toward you.
  2. Assigned compartments at the height or part of the mailbox that you identify as most appropriate for you.
  3. If arthritis or dexterity is a concern, a key turner can be provided. It would allow you to insert, turn and pull out your compartment key.
  4. The tags for keys to the parcel compartments have Braille and raised lettering to help customers with vision loss locate the compartment that has their parcel.

Other solutions include redirecting your mail to a post office or to a trusted person you designate, or Canada Post collecting your mail from your assigned community mailbox and delivering it to your door one day per week.

Canada Post has already started notifying communities of the delivery process changes. If you have not received information about this change, it means that your address will not be converted until a later date.

For more information on changes or if you need further accommodation, please call Canada Post directly at: 1-844-454-3009

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