CNIB offers condolences on the passing of Senator Tobias Enverga


CNIB offers condolences to Rosemer Enverga and her three daughters on the passing of Senator Tobias Enverga.

Senator Enverga was an advocate for those with sight loss. He was deeply committed to those who are blind and partially sighted, and this was the first charitable cause he championed when he immigrated to Canada. (Senate Hansard, June 8, 2016)

It was because of this passion that Senator Enverga supported important legislation that made a positive difference in the lives of individuals who are blind, partially sighted and print disabled in Canada and around the world.

Senator Enverga worked to pass Bill C-11, An Act to amend the Copyright Act (access to copyrighted works or other subject-matter for persons with perceptual disabilities), which ratified the Marrakesh Treaty. By helping to pass this important legislation, Canada now exports accessible books to other Marrakesh Treaty signatory countries in an effort to increase the percentage of accessible books available worldwide. Currently, approximately 7% of all literature is available to Canadians with sight loss or have a print disability. This number shrinks to just under 1% in developing nations. Senator Enverga's dedication to advocating for people with sight loss and helping to increase the number of accessible books will never be forgotten.

Again, on behalf of CNIB clients/participants, staff and volunteers, CNIB clients/participants, staff and volunteers, we offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Tobias Enverga, his friends and Parliamentary colleagues.

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