Push Yourself: Bob Huber's Story


Bob was a sportscaster and colour commentator, including stints in Calgary, Vernon, BC and finally CTV Regina, where he worked for 12.5 years. He was diagnosed with glaucoma at 19 and has had 14 surgeries; five were to fix previous operations. He lost one eye as the result of a botched surgery at age 27. In his remaining eye, he has no peripheral vision, what he sees is blurry and he has no colour differentiation.

“I was lucky while I was working to have the Teleprompter brought in very closely so I could read it – it was something that turned into an assistive device for me.” Bob explains, “I use the Daisy talking book, a magnifier and multiple apps on my Ipad and they are very helpful.”

He insists on staying active; “I don’t want to be sitting on a couch. Having said that, I feel very comfortable in my own house and neighbourhood but you get bored with that. The Catch 22: coming out of that comfort zone can really provoke anxiety.” He says he insists on pushing himself out of that comfort zone, which results in a great sense of accomplishment.

He credits CNIB with having great programs and services: “They know what you’re dealing with and can help you with it.” He uses a white cane and says his best advice for people experiencing vision loss is this: “Slow down. A lot of people are willing to help when they see the white cane.”

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