Send a letter to your MLA about the urgent need for government funding for vision rehabilitation therapy


​As a result of the lack of government funding for vision rehabilitation, CNIB Nova Scotia has recently been forced to eliminate 5.25 positions – and more cuts are imminent.

This means Nova Scotians with vision loss will not have access to vision rehabilitation therapy – to learn skills and techniques for everyday activities that sighted people take for granted, like preparing meals, crossing the street, reading emails, and managing medications.

Did you know that Nova Scotians who have lost their sight are relying on charitable dollars to receive essential rehabilitation – specialized services and programs that enable them to remain independent, healthy and active, in their homes and communities?

When a Nova Scotian requires rehabilitation for reasons other than vision loss – as a result of a stroke, a brain injury, hearing loss or an amputation, for example – rehabilitative services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and the support of an audiologist or social worker are provided within our health care system.

Why is rehabilitation for Nova Scotians who have lost their sight dependent upon a charity’s ability to raise dollars?

We need your help to urge the government of Nova Scotia to provide adequate, sustainable funding for vision rehabilitation therapy.

By taking just two minutes, you can let your MLA, Premier Stephen McNeil, Health Minister Leo Glavine and Leaders of the Opposition and NDP know that individuals like you want Nova Scotians with vision loss to be treated fairly within our health care system.

Click here to send a letter to your MLA.

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