CNIB’s #WeHaveAVision campaign makes vision loss an “election issue”


Charitable organization demonstrates strength in province-wide, grassroots support

EDMONTON – CNIB is gaining momentum in making vision loss an “election issue.” With the support of local advocates known as CNIB Champions and through the power of social media, the charitable organization continues to raise awareness around the fact that rehabilitation for the visually-impaired is not fully-funded by our health care system.

The efforts of our CNIB Champions have resulted in several prominent election candidates making commitments to address this concern:

  • “…Why the services for the visually-impaired are not covered in the way other services are covered under Alberta Health Services…seems to be something that requires change. That only 30 percent of the cost of services for someone who’s lost their eyesight would be covered by government and the other 70 percent covered by private organizations is something that warrants investigation and I would commit to do that.” – PC Party leader Jim Prentice (April 18, 2015 at the Calgary-Foothills forum)
  • “This isn’t the first I’ve heard of this [issue]. You folks have been very good at making this an election issue and I commend you for it … Rightfully, these services out to be brought within the umbrella of medicare.” – Lethbridge-West NDP candidate Shannon Phillips (April 21, 2015 at the Lethbridge-West forum)
  • “It’s wrong that people with disabilities have to rely on a charity to access essential services.” – Green Party leader Janet Keeping (April 18, 2015 at the Calgary-Foothills forum)

CNIB Champions have also influence other areas of public policy during the election campaign. Here’s a story from Calgary’s 660 News:

  • “A rare about-face from Premier Jim Prentice, who admitted they were wrong about cancelling the charitable tax donation credit. The decision comes after clients of the CNIB attended his debate in Calgary-Foothills over the weekend and asked him to explain his reasoning behind the cut.” (660 News, April 21, 2015)

The #WeHaveAVision campaign will continue until May 5, 2015.


For more information or to speak with a CNIB spokesperson or Champion, please contact:

JS Ryu
Director, Public Affairs
cell 780.901.6779

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