Want a new year’s resolution you can keep?


For many people, the dawn of a new year means a new set of resolutions and goals. While individuals may hope to eat healthier, quit smoking or frequent the gym as part of their resolutions, Maritimers with vision loss often have very different aspirations.

When someone loses vision, life changes forever. Everyday activities we often take for granted can become monumental, and seemingly impossible, tasks. Things like crossing an intersection confidently, travelling on a bus independently or preparing meals in their kitchen after losing their sight.

While these goals may be second-nature to you and I, they can be a giant leap towards independence for individuals living with vision loss in our region.

As we approach the new year, CNIB is challenging Maritimers to make a resolution they can keep. What if your 2015 resolution was to make someone else’s come true?

This year, resolve to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals who are blind or partially sighted. Become a visionary and join the CNIB 1000 Challenge.

Your incredible generosity will enable Maritimers with vision loss to lead full, active lives and reach their vision rehabilitation goals. Whether that means learning to cook again after a loss of sight, going back to school, travelling safely and independently with a white cane or getting the support they need to adjust to the emotional and social impact of vision loss.

Learn more and join the CNIB 1000 Challenge today: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

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