Worldwide Day of Glaucoma: AWARENESS EVENT


Nora, Pascale and Lisa, volunteers ready to give information                    Dr Wang examining a report             Technicians testing eyes
     Nora, Pascale and Lisa                          Dr Wang reading report                    Technicians testing eyes


FRIDAY MARCH 14, 2014  at PLACE ALEXIS NIHON that awareness activity went very well:

71 persons have their eyes checked among them:

11 consultation have been sent for:

7 glaucoma suspection, 1 narrow angle, 1 cataract and two references in general ophtalmology.

In collaboration with the Québec Glaucoma Foundation, Jewish General Hospital and CNIB Québec.

Thank  you to all partners and volunteers for their exceptional work!
Catherine De Sève, new CNIB Québec's spokeperson
                                                                               Catherine De Sève
                                                                      New CNIB Québec's spokeperson


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