Career and Employment         

Realizing Potential, a partnership between CNIB and the Department of Advanced Education and Skills, is a Career and Employment service for people who are blind or partially sighted.

This service supports individuals in reaching their career and employment goals.

It is designed to;

  • prepare individuals living with vision loss for successful lifelong employment.
  • provide appropriate and timely accommodation services to enable the employee to work effectively and independently with the employer.
  • by educating employers to ensure we are meeting the needs of both the employee.
  • assist in the workplace to maintain employment.

We offer;

  • Career planning.
  • Transitional support.
  • Workplace accommodation assessment and support.

CNIB acts as a consultant to both the business and organizations. We can also offer information about wage subsidies and other employer incentive programs. CNIB is committed to partnering with other employment agencies in the province in building inclusive environments.

For more information, please contact our National Helpline 1-800-563-2642 and ask for Jason Rose in our St John's   centre or Dinah Durnford in our Corner Brook centre. 

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