Holly Bennett’s story

13-year-old advocates for other youth with vision loss

Most childhood vision loss happens before age five – a
period when an estimated 75 per cent of a child’s learning is visually based.

Holly Bennett of St. Photo of Holly reading a bookJohn’s was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism when she was two, an eye condition causing low vision, light sensitivity and difficulty with depth perception.

“As new parents, we had no idea how to deal with our daughter’s vision loss,” says Andrea Bennett, Holly’s mother. “Thankfully, that’s when we made the life-changing decision to turn to CNIB.”

Through CNIB’s child and family services, Holly received the personalized support she needed throughout those pivotal stages of childhood – all the way from infancy and now, her early teens.

“CNIB was there every step of the way providing everything from audio books and accessible toys to social opportunities and the confidence for Holly to travel safely and independently at her school and in the community,” says Andrea.

At 13, Holly doesn’t let her vision loss keep her from embracing life. When she isn’t busy as an active student and advocate for other children who are blind or partially sighted, Holly enjoys reading, cooking and hanging out with her friends.

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