Partnerships: How Companies Can Help

By working in partnership with CNIB, your company will ensure vision hope and vision health for all Canadians.

Today, the relationship between companies and charities is closer than ever before. Working with a charity can bring genuine and lasting benefits to a company, from improved community relations to increased employee motivation and involvement.

CNIB is committed to building lasting relationships with corporate partners, ensuring they are involved, updated, informed, advised and supported in everything they do. We recognize that corporate partnerships are driven by more than philanthropic desire; they must also satisfy the needs of the business.

Ways to work with CNIB

CNIB treats each partner individually and tailors the partnership to suit the company. Integrated partnerships maximize all the various ways that a company can work with CNIB.

Here are just some of the examples:

  • Employee Fundraising: An extremely effective way to motivate staff and provide team-building opportunities.
  • Matching Gifts: An added benefit and a way to give together with your employees.
  • Sponsorship: Increases awareness of your company among consumers, investors and policy makers.
  • Cause-Related Marketing: Enhances your brand and helps retain customers.
  • Gifts-in-Kind: A practical and valuable method of supporting our work.
  • Employee Volunteering: Sponsor an employee by giving a corporate gift to their charity of choice when they donate over a certain amount of hours a year in volunteer time.

For more information:

To learn more about our Manitoba and/or Saskatchewan partnership opportunities, please contact:

For Manitoba:

Garry C. Nenson 
Vice President, Philanthropy           
Executive Director,
CNIB Manitoba
080 Portage Avenue 
Winnipeg, MB R3G 3M3
Phone: 204-789-0952


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