Volunteer Requirements

  • The minimum age to volunteer at CNIB is 14. Volunteers who work directly with clients, have access to confidential information, or have access to cash must be 19 or older.

  • All volunteers must fill out an application form (click here for our online form), and attend an interview, orientation, and training.

  • Some volunteer positions are short term (special events, Shades of Fun campaigns, etc). Other positions ask for a regular weekly or monthly commitment for a minimum of six months.

  • Volunteers must abide by our Volunteer Code of Conduct. It outlines what you can expect from CNIB, and what CNIB expects from you.

  • Every position description outlines the specific requirements for that role.

I'm ready to apply:

  1. Make sure you meet our requirements.
  2. Identify the opportunities that interest you.
  3. Fill out our online application form or request a print version. 

  4. Depending on the position you apply for, you may be invited to an interview, invited to an orientation session, asked for references, and/or asked to complete a police record check.

I need more information:

  1. Contact your region's Coordinator, Volunteer Services.