Lieutenant-Governor's iCARE Award

In conjunction with CNIB Manitoba, the Lieutenant-Governor's iCARE Award is presented annually in late spring to recognize a Manitoba eye-care professional who demonstrates innovative and/or unique contributions to eye health in Manitoba, who works within their associate body, and who has made significant contributions to the community at large.

The recipient is determined by the Awards Selection Committee and the award is presented during a ceremony at Government House.

The complete award nomination package can be downloaded here.

Award Criteria

Candidates may be nominated by an eye care professional, an organization that works for or represents people who are blind or partially sighted, or the public at large.

The eye care professional must have been employed in the area of eye health for at least five years. The nominee has demonstrated accomplishments in the following areas:

  1. Practice/business, including innovative or unique programs, impact of programs, clinical effectiveness.
  2. Membership and participation in local and provincial professional associations, ie: MAO, OOM, COS, including professional contributions (may include presentations and publications).
  3. Involvement in civic and community activities which has led to an improved situation; a demonstrated advocate for change (to include civic, fraternal, and/or honorary memberships and community activities or contributions).

Application Procedures – Three copies of the following materials must be submitted:

  • Completed Nomination Form​
  • Biographical Data of Nominee (may not exceed one page, one side only)
  • Responses to Award Criterion 1, 2, 3 (may not exceed one page, one side only, for each criterion noted above)
  • Any supporting documents (optional) Ie: newspaper articles, published works, award certificates, etc.
  • Letter(s) of endorsement for the nominee (minimum of one, must be provided by the nominator)

Please note that individuals may not self nominate.

Weighting of Award Criteria

  1. Significant accomplishments in Eye Care and Eye Health - 50 points
  2. Membership and Service to MAO, OOM or COS, including professional presentations, published research/articles, legislative activities, advocacy – 25 points
  3. Involvement in civic, community, and cultural activities, including philanthropic activities, in particular which have impacted eye health - 25 points

Application Deadline - All materials must be submitted to the Awards Chair postmarked no later than April 15th of the current year. Mail or email to:

Chairman, Board of Directors:
1080 Portage Avenue
Email –

While we appreciate all applications and nominations, only those selected to receive the award will be notified.
Every effort was made to avoid conflict of interest in the application review process. 

All members of the selection committee follow strict criteria and defined guiding principles.  Decisions of the selection committee are final and cannot be appealed.

For more information related to this award, please contact Debby Cuninghame, Manager, Operations, CNIB at 204-789-0951, or email at ​​​

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