Learning and Leisure

Looking for a new hobby, a continuing education course, or some guidance in finding a great new career?

There are a wide variety of learning and recreational programs for people with vision loss that are sure to give you some fresh new ideas for getting ou​t and getting ahead.

CNIB Amateur Radio Program

Amateur Radio is a hobby, open to all, that allows operators to talk worldwide independently either directly or via computer. Since 1967, the CNIB Amateur Radio Program has made equipment available for lease, sale or loan to Canadians living with vision loss, and provided a support network for 'ham' enthusiasts.

Hadley Distance Education

The Hadley School for the Blind, in Winnetka, Illinois, offers more than 100 distance education courses from cooking to financial planning - at no cost to individuals with vision loss and their families all over the world.

Online Learning Opportunities

CNIB offers online learning opportunities using a simple voice chat program - iVocalize. Learn about available assistive technology or share ideas on adjusting to vision loss. CNIB Assistive Technology Specialists will help you install and use the iVocalize software so that you can participate in these interactive discussions. It’s easy!​​​