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Careful planning, preparation and g​​ood organization are the first steps in traveling safely, whether it's to the corner store on foot or across town by bus.

Consider talking to CNIB about receiving some training from an Orientation and Mobility instructor to help you travel more confidently and independently around your home, school, workplace and neighbourhood. Contact CNIB in your community to learn more about services available in your area.

  • Use large-print cheques and writing guides to make signing easier.
  • Identify coins by touch and fold paper money or separate it in your wallet by denomination. You can also purchase a money and organizer wallet through CNIB’s Consumer Products & Assistive Technology service.
  • Take a moment to let your eyes adjust when switching from a bright environment to a dimly lit one or vice versa and remember, don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • Carry a magnifier and/or penlight to read labels, price tags, elevator buttons or directions.
  • Use a mini tape recorder to make a shopping list instead of struggling with a handwritten list.