Lighting Tips 

  • The sales staff at a lighting store or home supply store can help you determine which type of lighting (halogen, fluorescent etc.) is best for you. Bring a newspaper or book along to help you make your choice.

  • Sensor lights are a relatively inexpensive way to make sure the home's exterior entrance is always safely lit.

  • Install lighting inside closets, cupboards, in staircases or even in the shower (be sure to use a waterproof light!).

  • Use task lighting for writing, sewing or reading. Small clip-on lights are suitable, as are bendable gooseneck lamps.

  • Consider buying a tiny flashlight or penlight to carry with you - handy for reading restaurant menus or unlocking your door at night.

  • Reduce glare whenever possible. Curtains or blinds on your windows will help keep glare out of rooms and off TV and computer screens.

  • Consider wearing a hat with a visor for visits to stores with overly bright lighting.

  • An eye-care professional can help select a pair of tinted anti-glare sunglasses for outdoors that will eliminate glare from the sides and top, which is far better than the protection regular sunglasses provide.