In the Kitchen 

  • Outline counter edges and electrical outlets with wide tape of a contrasting colour.

  • Use light-coloured dishes on a dark tablecloth, or vice versa.

  • Mark frequently-used settings on the oven or other dials with a thick swipe of bright nail polish or a bumper dot, available from CNIB’s Webstore or Consumer Products and Assistive Technology catalogue.

  • Re-label jars and canned goods using a thick black marker and sticky labels.

  • Use a liquid measure tool such as the EZ Fill Liquid Pouring Alert, available through CNIB, to help you when pouring liquids. This can help you avoid accidents with hot or cold liquids.

  • Remove small throw rugs from the kitchen - they are not easily seen and may be a tripping hazard.

  • Keep cupboard doors and drawers closed at all times and make sure that everything is always put away in its proper place.

  • Use the "clock method" to identify where certain foods are located on a plate. For example, "the rice is at three o'clock and the beans at seven o'clock."