For Families, Friends and Caregivers

  • Whether you're working in a facility or assisting someone in their own home, be sensitive to the fact that you're on their 'turf.' Don't move things around or make adjustments without consent from the person with vision loss.

  • Ask what the person needs before stepping in with your own ideas. Talk about what you think would be helpful, but always start with what the person with vision loss identifies as most important to them.

  • Adjusting to vision loss takes time. Quite often, people with vision loss find it hard to ask for assistance out of embarrassment, frustration or fear of being a nuisance. Take the initiative and offer help as often as you think it is appropriate.

  • Be specific with your offers. Instead of an open-ended offer, such as "Let me know if you need anything," try a more concrete offer such as "I am driving to the store. Would you like to come?"