In the Bathroom

  • Use illuminated and magnifying mirrors
  • Use coloured toothpaste so it shows more on the white bristles of a toothbrush.
  • Use towels that contrast in colour with the bathroom décor.
  • Use a rubber-backed mat in the tub.
  • Float a brightly coloured sponge while running the bath water. The sponge will indicate how high the water has risen.
  • Throw out old medication and use a pill organizer to help you know which medication to take when more easily.
  • Label current medication with a thick black letter on each bottle; keep a large print list in the medicine cabinet explaining what is what (e.g. "Blood pressure pills. Take one each morning.")
  • Pick up the bath mat after each use and fold it over the edge of the tub to prevent tripping.
  • If treatment for your eye condition involves eye drops, consider getting an eye drop dispenser to help you self-administer your drops easily and without spillage.