iOS accessibility

iOS is the operating system behind Apple’s i-devices, like the iPhone and the iPad. The accessibility of these products is remarkable because, unlike other devices that feature add-in accessibility features from a third party, the accessible aspects of i-devices are actually built into the operating system itself.

In this series of videos, accessibility expert Jason Fayre will go over some of the accessible features within iOS devices, including the built-in screen reader (called VoiceOver), the large-print feature (called Zoom) and the ways iOS supports the use of braille and braille devices.

iOS accessibility – History of iOS accessibility

In this video, accessibility expert Jason Fayre goes over the history of iOS accessibility, including initial skepticism from the community. Today, i-devices running iOS are among the most common pieces of technology used by people who are blind or partially sighted.


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iOS accessibility – Training resources

Here, Jason shares some of the training resources that are available for learning more about the accessibility features of iOS devices.


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iOS accessibility – New features of iOS 8

Each time Apple releases new updates for its devices, new features are also released for the accessibility tools in iOS. The latest update (which was released just before this video was filmed) was iOS version 8.


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iOS accessibility – Braille screen input

One of the newest features of accessibility for iOS is the ability to enter braille directly onto the screen of an iPhone as though it was a brailler. In this video, Jason demonstrates this function.


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iOS accessibility – Favourite accessible apps

There are hundreds of apps available that work with the accessibility tools of the iPhone. In this video, Jason demonstrates some of his favourites.


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iOS accessibility – KNFB Reader and questions

In this last video of the series, Jason demonstrates the advantages of the KNFB Reader, an app that uses the iPhone to scan and read just about anything printed using VoiceOver. Additionally, Jason answers questions from the audience about iOS accessibility.


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