Tools and Tech

Modern tools and technology have the potential to help people with vision loss carry out everyday tasks more efficiently and independently. In this section, you’ll learn about assistive tools and technologies for better living, and how to take advantage of the myriad of cutting-edge products available to you like CCTV, magnification devices, GPS programs and more.

Low vision tools

Discover dozens of helpful aids and magnification tools for people with low or partial vision. Watch Low vision tools videos.

A comparison of screen readers

Technology is always changing and, just like anything else, screen readers need to keep pace. Do you know which screen reader is right for you? In this series of videos, we’ll compare and explore the functions of the three top screen readers on the market. Watch A comparison of screen readers videos.

eSight eyewear

eSight eyewear is a revolutionary new technology that can significantly improve sight for many people with low vision. The product is made up of electronic glasses that are combined with a camera, display technology and advanced computing devise that delivers real-time video to the users’ eyes. In this video series, we’ll learn more about this exciting new technology. Watch eSight eyewear videos.

New gadgets

In this video series, Dr. Ana Juricic discusses and demonstrates some exciting, cutting-edge technologies and gadgets for people who are blind or partially sighted. Watch the “New gadgets” videos.

iOS accessibility

In this series of videos, accessibility expert Jason Fayre will go over some of the accessible features within iOS, which is the operating system behind Apple’s i-devices, like the iPhone and the iPad.Watch the “iOS accessibility” videos.

The free NVDA screen reader

NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) is a free screen reading tool that reads aloud the information on a computer screen so that people who are blind can access it. And although there are several excellent screen readers on the market today, NVDA is rare in that it doesn’t cost the user a cent. In this video series, you’ll learn more about NVDA, including where to download it and how it works. Watch the “The free NVDA screen reader” videos.​