​Videos for Parents and Educators

Are you a parent or teacher of a child who’s blind or partially sighted? Or a parent living with vision loss yourself? In this section, you’ll find dozens of helpful videos that will give you information and tips for raising or teaching a child with vision loss, as well as how to be a more confident parent if you’re blind or partially sighted yourself.

Parenting with vision loss

Learn valuable tips about parenting with vision loss, including answers to parents’ most common questions and advice on how to deal with public misconceptions.Watch “parenting with vision loss” videos.

What we want

These videos offer a mom’s perspective on the needs and wants of parents raising children with vision loss, including many helpful tips and insights for other parents and teachers. Watch the “what we want” videos.

Transitioning from high school to university

Learn insights and tips into many aspects of succeeding in college or university with vision loss – from preparing to leave home, to finding funding opportunities and building a student life balance. "Watch the “transitioning from high school to university” videos.