Everyday Activities

Learn dozens of helpful tips on how to do everyday activities more easily and independently with vision loss. Browse the video playlists below for lots of tips and tricks that can help you stay independent in your daily life. You’ll find easy-to-understand guidance on everything from using a talking watch to writing a cheque, marking a stove, identifying clothing colours and much more.

Kitchen and mealtime

Find helpful dining advice and kitchen organization tips for people who are blind or partially sighted. Watch Kitchen and mealtime videos.

Managing money

Learn how to identify bills and coins, use the Canadian banknote reader, and store your money for easy retrieval later. Watch Managing money videos.

Using phones

Learn about large-button, braille and tactile phones, as well as how to find buttons on the phone if you’re blind or have low vision. Watch Phones videos.

Using watches and clocks

Discover some of the best talking, braille and tactile watches and clocks for people with low vision or blindness, as well as how to use them. Watch Watches and Clocks videos.

Writing notes

Find helpful tips for using writing guides or other common items to make a list, write a note or sign a document/bill. Watch Writing notes videos.