Using Watches and Clocks

One of the fundamental daily tasks we all need to know how to do is tell time. In the videos below, you’ll learn about various models and styles of talking watches and clocks that can help you tell time more easily with vision loss – from sports watches to alarm clocks – as well as how to operate these kinds of products with ease. 

Introduction to using a talking watch

Never used a talking watch before? This video will give you an introduction to talking watches and how they can making the telling time a lot easier and faster for individuals living with vision loss or blindness.

Using a sports-style talking watch

Learn about the special features of talking sports-style watches for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Using a tactile watch

Learn about tactile features on talking watches, like braille and other raised markings.

Using a talking clock or alarm clock

Talking features aren’t just for telling the time on the go – they can also help with your home clocks and alarm clocks. 

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