Managing Money

Keeping track of our money and spending habits is one of the most fundamental ways that we can be independent as adults. In the videos below, you’ll learn how to identify bills (banknotes) by touch, discover the Canadian banknote reader, and get tips for storing bills and coins for easy identification when you go to make a purchase. 

Using a banknote reader to identify bills

Learn how to identify paper money using the Canadian banknote reader, which is supplied by the Bank of Canada and distributed by CNIB. 

New polymer Canadian banknotes

Learn about Canada's new accessible polymer banknotes (bills), including their accessibility features and how to separate and store them in your wallet. 

Tips for storing paper money

Get helpful advice for storing paper Canadian banknotes (bills) if you’re living with blindness or vision loss.

Identifying Canadian coins

Learn how to differentiate Canadian coins by their tactile features, and separate them for easy retrieval using a coin manager.

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