Kitchen and Mealtime

Cooking and dining are things that we do every day, so it’s important that we can do them as independently as possible. Although a lot of people feel overwhelmed by the idea of preparing a meal after they’ve experienced a loss of vision, it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. The video playlists below can teach you some simple but helpful tips to make kitchen work and mealtime a lot easier.

Labelling and Marking Kitchen Items

Finding your way around the kitchen can be difficult after a loss of vision. But there are lots of simple tricks you can use to make identifying items easier while you’re preparing meals – whether it’s by using tactile markings, a barcode reader or a Penfriend audio labeller. Browse the videos below to learn more.

Marking a microwave

Learn how to identify commonly used buttons on your microwave with tactile or braille dots.

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Marking a stove

One of the simplest tricks to using a stove with vision loss is to mark commonly used settings with tactile or braille dots.

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​Kitchen and Mealtime Tips and Tools

In the videos below, you’ll find lots of helpful tips for dining with confidence and organizing your kitchen – from how to locate items on the dining table, to how accessible kitchen gadgets can make preparing meals with vision loss a lot easier.

Mealtime tips - Part 1

Find tips on improving colour contrast and safely locating items on the dining table.

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Mealtime tips - Part 2

Learn how to describe where items are on a plate for someone who is blind or partially sighted, as well as tips for dining out and managing condiments if you have vision loss.

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Organizing items in the kitchen

Learn helpful techniques for identifying and organizing common food items found in kitchen cupboards.

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