Frequently Asked Questi​ons

1. What is the purp​ose of the CNIB UEB Braille Transcription Certification Course?

The CNIB Braille Certification Course is designed for:

  1.  sighted people who want to learn braille to transcribe print materials into braille;
  2. those who are already accomplished braille tactile readers who wish to take this course as the prerequisite for the proofreading course and braille production;
  3. teachers of braille reading and writing

2. Which course s​hould an Educational Assistant take to become certified in Braille?

The CNIB braille course that leads to certification is the UEB Transcription Course. 

3. Which courses offer certification?​

UEB Transcription, Music Braille and the Nemeth (for mathematics and science, which is based on English Braille American Edition) lead to certification. The Music and Nemeth courses require the transcriber's certification as the prerequisite.

4. Are there other co​urses?

There are correspondence courses available to teach braille reading by sight, and a reading and writing uncontracted braille course. They are all outlined under Braille Courses on the CNIB website.

5. Do the other courses lead to certification?

No. A letter of proficiency will be issued after successful completion of the course and test.

6. How are the Braille (Transcription) Certification Course conducted?

CNIB offers the Braille Certification Course by correspondence with an instructor assigned to each student. The print/braille instruction manual is mailed to the student. Assignments are completed using a free braille transcription computer program with six-key entry and then emailed to the instructor; or using a manual brailler and then mailed to the instructor.  These are intensive courses which require regular (daily) time spent to learn the fingering and the rules necessary to be successful. 

7. What is includ​ed in the course materials?

Depending on the course, the instruction manual is provided either in hardcopy or electronically for download. The code book is available for free download or access. Any review material is also provided electronically or in hardcopy.

8. How long does it take to complete a course?

This varies with the course and with the individual.  For example, the Braille Transcription Course is typically completed within 12 months while the Reading Contracted Braille course is usually completed within 6 months.  Please check under individual Braille courses.

9. Do students need a special computer program to do the assignments?

A six-key entry braille transcription program such as Perky Duck is needed to do the braille assignments using the computer. This program is available for free download from Microsoft Word is required for the translation assignments from braille to print.

10. Can a Perkins brailler be used to do the assignments?

Yes. The Perkins brailler may be used to do the braille assignments. There will be a time-delay because of the post. 

11. Where do students send completed tra​​nscription assignments?

Completed electronic braille transcription and print reading review assignments should be emailed to with the assignment number and student's name in the file name.

Completed embossed transcription assignments, along with the student's name, should be mailed to Braille Room, CNIB, 1929 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 3E8 marked "Braille - post free".

12.​ How does one register for the Braille Certification Courses? 

For registration and payment, send the completed enrollment form and payment information to Braille Certification at CNIB via:

Mail: Braille Certification, 1929 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 3E8

A letter of acceptance will be sent out within two weeks of receipt of the Enrollment Form and fee.

13. Is the course fee refundable?

Course fees are non-refundable unless written notice of withdrawal is received within 30 days of enrollment.  There will be a $30 administration fee and an additional charge for the course manual (unless returned unopened) deducted from the course fee.  Allow three weeks for any refund owing to be processed. If payment is by credit card, the refund will be credited to the credit card; otherwise, a refund cheque will be issued.

14. Can the transcriber's course manual be purchased?

Yes, at a cost of $50. Please complete an enrolment form for purchase. The manual is included as part of the Transcriber's course fee.

15. When do the courses start?

Courses can start any time after registration and payment.

16. Are there limits on the time it takes to complete a course?

This varies with the course. For example, the Braille Transcription Course should be completed within 12 months unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please check under individual courses.

17. How are tests marked? 

Braille rule knowledge will be tested through transcription and proofreading. The passing mark for a certification test is 90 using a demerit marking system from 100.

18. What is the certification process?

Students must complete the course assignments satisfactorily. The instructor indicates in writing to Braille Certification that the student is ready for the test. The pass mark for the test is 90. The certificate is issued after these conditions are met.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email to