See about hiring a blind employee

Today, working with someone who is blind or partially sighted is really no different than working with anyone else. Advances in technology and post-vision loss training mean that blind and partially sighted people overcome many of the barriers to work that they faced in the past. People with vision loss can and do successfully perform a wide range of careers, including in the areas of science, law and technology.

Despite this reality, people with vision loss still face significant challenges to gainful employment, and according to a recent Ipsos survey, many Canadians hold misconceptions about hiring and working with someone who is blind or partially sighted.

In honour of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, CNIB's EmployAbility campaign is calling on Canadian employers to look past their misconceptions and hire job candidates who are blind or partially sighted.

For Employers

Learn how easy it is to hire and create an inclusive workplace for someone with vision loss.

For Employees

Get tips and resources on finding or maintaining a job after vision loss. 

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