Meet Jennison

Jennison Asuncion smilingIn 1990, Jennison Asuncion attended SCORE, CNIB’s flagship summer camp program for young people with vision loss. It was going to be his first time away from home, and it was a very big deal. The 17-year-old just finished Grade 11, and he had met very few other kids with vision loss in his life. 

The program taught them computer and career planning skills. For Jennison, the experience was a revelation. He was exposed to the latest adaptive technology in the computer lab, equipment he had never seen before. But even better, he says, was meeting other participants.

“Back then, it gave me a sense of belonging,” he says. “It helped meeting other kids who knew what it was like to be blind or have vision loss.”

The more he worked with adaptive technology, the more he knew he’d found his calling. Today, Jennison holds an M.A. in educational technology and works as an IT accessibility consultant. In his very successful career he has also been an e-learning developer and a project manager. He is a senior volunteer for an organization serving post-secondary students with disabilities, and he still volunteers most years at SCORE. 

In later years, Jennison even came back to SCORE as a staff member.