Meet Glenn W.

Glenn Wylie sitting on a benchIt was a fateful day in June of 1994. That’s when Glenn Wylie, then 38, was struck down by a reckless driver while walking along the street. After 13 days in a coma, fighting for survival, Glenn woke up to realize he was completely blind. He was devastated.  

“The recognition of what happened, that was a powerful thing,” he says. “Just that total darkness and thinking, ‘I can’t see. I used to be able to see.’” 

Not only did Glenn have to give up his job, but with no support on how to live without vision, he was unable to do even basic tasks, like reading or cooking. After a long period of isolation and depression, at last Glenn found the courage to seek support. 

“Finally I got brave enough to think, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll check CNIB out,’” he says. “And I’m very grateful that I did. Very grateful.” 

At CNIB, Glenn learned to walk safely with a white cane, opening him up to a whole new world of independence. Our specialists also introduced him to using a computer and braille, allowing him to read for the first time in years, and showed him how to do everyday tasks without vision – things like cooking and laundry. 

After coming to CNIB, Glenn had a whole new outlook on life. And, shortly thereafter, we helped him find a new job – his first in more than a decade. It’s a position he holds to this day. 

“There aren’t the words to say how CNIB helped me,” he says. “They gave me ambition, hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.” ​​