Meet Andy and Karen

Andy and Karen standing togetherCooking. Travelling. Fixing up classic cars. These were some of Andy Plummer’s favourite pastimes before he lost his vision. 

“He was a very good cook at one time. That was one of the things he did to relax,” says Andy’s wife, Karen. “Now he can’t even see the plate in front of him.”

Like so many others, Andy didn’t know he had glaucoma until he’d begun to permanently lose his sight. Soon, he was legally blind – unable to work, cook or do even simple daily tasks without help. 

“It’s very frustrating,” he says. “Everything you try to do is a challenge. You get a letter from the phone company and you can’t read it. You can’t use your phone because you can’t see the buttons. The words around you just disappear.”  

“It was a challenge on both our parts,” says Karen. “People have no idea what it’s like. It takes a lot of patience.” 

But when Andy and Karen turned to CNIB for help… everything changed. 

Our specialists went right to their home and gave Andy the guidance he needed to become more confident and independent – like computer training so he could stay in touch with friends online, and putting tactile buttons on the microwave so he could cook again by touch.

Today, Andy Plummer is a new man. He’s able to do many things on his own again, and, together, he and Karen are running a small business and are both dedicated CNIB volunteers. 

“I can’t say enough good things about CNIB,” says Andy. “I’m very grateful for what they’ve done for me.”