Meet Norman Wigglesworth

Norman WigglesworthPortrait of a true giver

As an orphaned child in 1930s England, Norman Wigglesworth had his first encounter with people who were blind – and it stayed with him for the rest of his life.

He clearly remembers visiting a home for the blind in his native city of Yorkshire, watching them work diligently weaving baskets and other goods that would later be sold in the local community.

The Word War II veteran has kept people who are blind or partially sighted in his heart ever since.

After moving to Canada, Norman continued to have encounters with the blind community, from helping customers who were blind make change at the local liquor store where he was a Commissionaire, to stopping his car in the middle of traffic to assist a person who was blind having difficulty crossing a busy street.

Somewhere along the way, Norman realized he wanted to make an even bigger impact in the lives of people who were blind or partially sighted. So with incredible kindness, Norman shared the proceeds of the sale of his home with CNIB and a few other charities.

“But CNIB was always number one in my heart,” he says.  

Now 87, Norman has generously decided to create a legacy gift to CNIB in his will, ensuring that he’ll be providing much-needed support to people who are blind or partially sighted well into the future.

It’s a gift he regularly encourages others to make as well; he knows that anyone can make a gift in their will, because it doesn’t impact a person’s finances during their lifetime. 

“I always felt that I wanted to help [people who are blind] in some way,” says Norman.

With his legacy gift, it’s safe to say that he has.