Meet Jane Beaumont

Jane BeaumontInspired to give

The decision to make a legacy gift can come from many places and life experiences. For Jane Beaumont, it was seeing for herself what an incredible impact CNIB services has in the lives of Canadians with vision loss.

“I volunteer at a talking book club in Ottawa where I see first-hand what CNIB services and having access to library books has done for these people,” she says. “CNIB changes lives, which is why I decided to become a Friend for Life.”

Jane has been so inspired by CNIB’s work, in fact, that she has dedicated many years to our organization as a leadership volunteer – serving as chair of the CNIB Library Board of Directors before moving on to become chair of our Program and Services Committee and, eventually, chair of our national Board of Directors in 2011.

It’s because of that close relationship with CNIB that Jane knows the level of need the organization faces. Every 12 minutes, another Canadian begins to lose their sight, making support for CNIB services all the more urgent. Meanwhile, less than 30 per cent of CNIB’s total funding comes from government sources.

Jane believes the vision loss rehabilitation support provided by CNIB is as essential as the rehabilitation Canadians receive in the medical system.

“If you break your leg or have a stroke, you would go to the hospital and have access to rehabilitation services through the health care system. If you lose your sight as part of your stroke, you end up getting part of your care within the health care system and then you go to CNIB for vision rehabilitation,” she says.

Through her many years of active involvement with CNIB, she has witnessed the life-changing impact these vital services have had on Canadians with sight loss.

“I’m truly passionate about CNIB. I give one-time donations and have joined the monthly giving program. It’s not about the amount of money; it’s also about showing that you support the organization’s commitment to Canadians with vision loss,” she says, adding that peer support groups, children’s services and the CNIB Library are areas of particular interest for Jane and her husband. By being involved, they see the profound impact of their donations.

“One day my husband discovered the person leading the [children’s services] program in Ottawa was buying toys from her own money, which compelled him to make a donation,” she says. 

From creating a bright future for kids with one-on-one children’s services, to funding research for a better tomorrow, a legacy gift or monthly gift to CNIB will help countless Canadians with vision loss lead more active, fulfilling lives.

“What we give to charity is an important part of our wills. Leaving a gift in my will was part of a natural evolution, but it wouldn’t have developed as it has if I hadn’t become so engrossed in what CNIB does in the community,” she says.