Ray Sigurdson

Ray Sigurdson smiling

“You have to lean right into anything you do.”

That’s the philosophy of Ray Sigurdson, a popular CNIB volunteer in Saskatoon, where Sigurdson has become such a familiar face around the office that people often think he’s an employee. 

He helps answer clients’ questions about magnifiers and assists at CNIB events that focus on awareness and rehabilitation.

He also delivers and sets up close captioned televisions (CCTVs) across northern Saskatchewan, and then trains the owners to use them.

In addition, Sigurdson volunteers some of his free time to assist a CNIB client with banking, shopping and other errands. 

Ray’s work often takes him on the road, as he’s called upon to drive clients and employees to meetings and appointments across northern Saskatchewan. 

Occasionally, Sigurdson trades in his car keys for a tool belt. With years of carpentry and construction experience, his skills often come in handy for repairing furniture and even magnifiers. He also participates in leisure group meetings every other week for crafts and other projects.

“My mother was blind for the last five years of her life and CNIB was so good to her. They gave her magnifiers and just treated her so well,” says Sigurdson. “She appreciated it so much.”

“That just stuck in my mind,” he continues. “So when I retired, I said, ‘I’ve got to do something’, so I gave CNIB a call.

“A guy gets a good feeling in his heart when he’s done something for someone else. And the staff down here are absolutely fabulous – they treat me like a king.”