Bill McGrath

Bill McGrath smiling

According to local legend, there are two constants in St. John’s: bad weather, and Bill McGrath volunteering with CNIB. 

McGrath has worked with the St. John's office for six years and “spends almost as much time here as the average employee," says Sheila Clancey, CNIB's assistant to the executive director. 

McGrath, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday, spends almost every afternoon at CNIB, after hitting the weight room at the local YMCA. 

“I get a good feeling knowing I’m helping out this organization and I just enjoy being here,” says McGrath. “I enjoy the people and I know I’m doing something good.” 

Jack of all trades

McGrath tackles everything from faxing and photocopying to delivery and shipping, and assists with the administration of fundraisers and lotteries. In addition, he helps out with annual door-to-door campaigns in St. John's East District, the Annual Crocus Campaign and CNIB's Annual Golf Tournament.

McGrath found CNIB almost by accident. Eager to volunteer after retiring from his job as a computer auditor, he searched the Internet for opportunities and came across a CNIB advertisement requesting someone to help in the office for just four weeks. 

“I just figured I would just stay a month, maybe a little bit longer, but they always had something for me to do,” jokes McGrath.

What does he get out of it? 

“I get a sense of accomplishment, helping out the people at CNIB. To me, CNIB is a great organization. The people are just wonderful: we get along very well together.”

Committed to volunteering 

And to CNIB’s benefit, he has no intention of leaving, although other non-profit groups have knocked on his door after hearing about his generous nature. 

“There’s a lot of people after me but I’m not going anywhere,” he says.

"I’m amazed Bill agreed to be interviewed for this," says Debbie Ryan, CNIB’s manager of communications and community development for Newfoundland & Labrador.

"He likes to be in the background and is usually not fussy about the spotlight. He certainly deserves to be front and centre."​​