National Volunteer Week, April 15th to 21st, 2018. 

National Volunteer Week is a special time to be able to celebrate our volunteers publicly. The dedicated work of our volunteers -together with staff- create programs, provide services, raise awareness and advocate for social change.


CNIB Century of Change. 100 Years of Volunteers Making a Difference. Thank you!

Thank you from CNIB President and CEO John Rafferty!

“On this National Volunteer Week, we're standing on the shoulders of everyone who volunteered before us and we thank you for all the volunteer work you do today”

Veronika with a guide dog

Thank you to all CNIB group facilitators like Veronika!

"It helped me make sense and find a purpose for my pain by knowing I was able to help others going through the same experience" - read more about Veronika's story here!
Charlene standing in a cafe

Thank you to all CNIB Ambassadors and Advocates like Charlene!

"Volunteering for CNIB has given me the confidence to find my voice and educate people" – read more about Charlene's story here!
Bill standing in front of a large window with a guide dog

Thank you to all CNIB Leadership Volunteers like Bill!

Bill's professionalism, leadership and dedication are easy to see in all he puts his mind to, from volunteering with us at CNIB – and through his 39 years as a Professional Engineer. Read more about Bill's story here!
Carol standing beside a client outside in a park.

Thank you to all the Vision Mate Volunteers like Carol!

Barely a month into my new role, I can’t imagine post-employment life without Verna and Buster. Read more about Carol's blog here!
Dorothy standing in front of an audio caption TV with her cane.

Thank you to all the Philanthropy Volunteers like Dorothy!

Dining and Wine-ing in the Dark, Night Steps to Bakesales! "If I can help raise funds and raise awareness of how CNIB has helped me and can help others, it is worthwhile" – Read Dorothy's full story here!
Shruti sitting at a desk helping others over the phone

Thank you to all of the CNIB Operations Volunteers like Shruti!

Shruti likes all of her volunteer roles including "I really enjoy answering phone calls and assisting clients on the phone and in person" and, over the years, her "volunteer experience at CNIB continues to be rewarding and enjoyable." - Read more about Shruti's story here!