Planned Gifts

For many years, CNIB has been the beneficiary of the generous support of our donors through the creation of Planned Gifts. Planned Gifts are arranged today for completion sometime in the future or a gift that is realized today that is made using a donor's asset or another financial tool.

Most Planned Gifts to CNIB are made through a donor's estate in the form of a bequest by Will. Other types of Planned Gifts include gifts of life insurance, endowments gifts, charitable remainder trusts, investment funds or gift of annuities. CNIB is honoured to recognize those donors who in the fiscal year 2015-2016 have provided a Planned Gift to CNIB to help us to support Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

Estate Gifts, 2016-2017

CNIB wishes to honour the caring individuals who provided a legacy gift of support to Canadians who are blind or partially sighted through their estate. Our sincerest condolences to their families and loved ones.


Anonymous (9)
Kenneth Alan Adie
Albert L. Aiello
Noreen Iris Ferguson Allen
Queenie Margaret Allen
Reginald George Gilbert Allman
Gloria Margurete Anderson
Barbara Jean Appleby
Gladys Veronica Armour
Ralph Creswell Arrowsmith
Elizabeth Louisa Atkinson
Violet Maria Aveson
Melvina Arsenault Avon
Elizabeth (Betty) Mathilda Backman
Rudolf Paul Bahr
Mildred Lilian Bailey
Anne Baker
Mildred Balfour
Paul Jackson Banford
De Penelope Bannout
Catherine Barbarie
Gerald Barbarie
David Campbell Barr
Marjorie Baskerville
Dorothy Jane Baxter
Martha Benada
Herta Emmi Bertuleit
George Jean Bidart
Marion Phyllis Biggs
Kathleen Eleanor Blok
Helene Frieda Bohrisch
Irene Boyer
Gerald Maurice Brawley Estate Foundation
Don Brown
Margaret Kathaleen Burrowes
Jeanne Doreen Elinor Burrows
Gordon Butler
Marjorie Eileen Butler
Wilma Helen Button
Aileen Margaret Byers
Annie Delos Santos Cardenas
Paulette Marie Caron
Athol Lillian Beatty Cherry
Charles Christie
Margaret Kathleen Christie
Helen Jean Christy
Alice  Leone Clark
Hubert Beresford Clinch
Mary Comella
Kenneth Burns Conn
Mary Elise Conroy
Stephney Joan Cottrill
Margaret Miriam Cully
Dorine Daoust
Florence Helen Darby
John Leonard Darby
Elsie Mary Daw
Laura Gertrude Dawe
Margaret May Daws
Thomas L. DeBlois
Valerie Anne Denham
Randolph James Denne
Joan Devereaux
Lawrence Anthony Dorey
Gordon Henry Douglas
Heather Gwendolyn Downes
Carmelle Drapeau
Robert Douglas Dryden
Marguerite Ellen Duck
Lisette-Emilie Duhamel
Jeanne d'Arc Duval
Mary Madeline Eastaugh
Barbara Yvonne Eckardt
Paul Mott Emmons
William C. Endall
Olga Tarnowsky Etty
Violet Farman
Katherine Shirley Filbee
Douglas Carl Fisher
Miriam Priscilla Flatt
Rosemary Frampton
Jack Morris Freiman
Bella Alice Fry
Jean Helen Gagne
Jean Le Gall
Claire Gelinas
Ernest Anton Gisler
Dorothy Gladwin
Jeannine Godbout
Sidney Gordon
Sheila Patricia Graham
Jean Ann Grandmaison
Julia Mary Gray
Ira Griffiths
Harry Russell Hamilton
Elizabeth "Betty" Isobel Hassall
Albert        William Haynes
Donna Eileen Healey
Beatrice Fraid Heillig
Roland Ralph Herbert
Edgar Ray Hillyard
Kenneth Hnidan
Helena Hofmanis
Robert Wilson Innes
John David Isbister
Maxwell Russell Jackson
Lorraine Etta Jacobson
Joy Donna Jamer
Daryl McArthur Kay
Ida May Keith
Florence Catherine Marie Kemish
Audrey Chiswell Kershaw

Cameron Kitching
William Stanley Knight
Mary Penny Krolik
Norma Lahue
Guy Lamontagne
Alexander Landall
Basil  Ernest Langfeldt
Charles Latimer Trust
Cecile Lavoie
Glenn Garnet Lawrence
Gerda Carol Lawson
Edith Lee
Mary Link
Ruth  Joan Livingston
Annie M. Loggie
Franklin David Louch
Alice Ethel MacInnes
Muriel Eileen Mackenzie
Margaret Dorothy MacTavish
Claire R. Marcotte
Monique Mercier Masson
Donald William Frederick McDonald
Jean  Alexandria McCallum
Luella Albertha McCleary
The Donalda McKenna Charitable Trust
Bessie Lillian McMurray
Jeannie Lee McNicol
Edith McTeer
Clarke Herbert Mills
Dilys  Gertrude Mitchell
Viola  Rosalie Moore
Dorothy Mosley
Gertrude Lillian Moulton
Gwendelyne Ethel Moysa
Norman Moysa
Eileen Mary Much
Janet McMulcahy
Stephen Nicholas Muller
Alfred Fred Muth
Janet Baker Myles
John William Locket Nicholls
Gurlie Harriet Louw Nielsen
Stella Theresa Nowak
Esther Marie Odland
Paul James O'Neill
Jean Catherine Ostafijczuk
Mary den Otter
Francis Ouellette (Foundation)
Melvin Edward Palmer
Gabrielle Parent
Lee and Gladys Payne Charitable Trust
Marion Isabella Peart   
Alberni Vida Hampt Peene
Beverly Joan Phillips
Barbara Jane Poulson
Margaret Power
Malcolm George Price
George William Procunier
Hilda Margaret Puddicombe
Eli Munsberg Rasmussen
J.H. Rattray, M.C. Memorial Fund
Raymond Charles Reid
Maureen Daisy Rhodes
Maurice Campbell Robbins
Elizabeth Rollinson
Mabel Audrey Rumble
The Ryckman Trust
The John A. Sanderson and Family Trust
Hilda Elizabeth Sawyer
Gabriella Schmidt
Harold Alexander Scott
Rex Malcolm Scott
Walter Ron Seaborn
Marion Lucille Senf
George F. Siddorn
Jessamine Irene  Smith
Kathleen Smith
Leila  Betty Smith
Claire Marie Snowball
Richard James Graham Sparke
Helen Allen Stacey
Alice Ruth Stark
Beatrice Ione Stewart
Ethel Isabel Swail
James Carl Swail
Rose  Switzer
Renee Taillefer
Lillias Margaret Tait
Allan  Taylor
Harold L. Tucker  - AL Schoenknecht Oil Royalty
Margaret Enid Clarice Veal
Helen May Videan
Ora Dresden Walker
Leslie Victor Waller
Alwyn Ione Weatherhead
Sidney Graham Maxwell Peirce Weatherhead
Marion Lorraine Webb
Hilda Weese
Dorothy Edith Alice White
Elizabeth Caroline White
Henriette and Leonard White Endowment Fund
Dorothy Irene Wilker
Margery Joan Willan
Margaret Williamson
Richard Henry Woods
Hattie Evangeline Woolf
Lillian Gail Wright
Marcel Yelle
Irene Young
Mary M. Young
Reva Miriam Zarnett

Other Planned Gifts, 2016-2017

CNIB wishes to honour the caring individuals who have donated a Planned Gift to support Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

The Dr. Charles and Margaret Brown Foundation
Gordon Butler*
Mary Dianne Crawley*
Doris Goetz*
Donald Gormley

Shirley Hornick*
Yvonne Johnston*
Griffith R. Lloyd & Christina Lloyd
Jane Isabel McRae*
Estelle Moodie*
Ruth E. Reeves*
Dorothy Stronski*

* CNIB gratefully acknowledges the generous support of donors who have passed away since making their gift. We send our heartfelt condolences to their families.

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