Planned Gifts

For many years, CNIB has been the beneficiary of the generous support of our donors through the creation of Planned Gifts. Planned Gifts are arranged today for completion sometime in the future or a gift that is realized today that is made using a donor's asset or another financial tool.

Most Planned Gifts to CNIB are made through a donor's estate in the form of a bequest by Will. Other types of Planned Gifts include gifts of life insurance, endowments gifts, charitable remainder trusts, investment funds or gift of annuities. CNIB is honoured to recognize those donors who in the fiscal year 2015-2016 have provided a Planned Gift to CNIB to help us to support Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

Estate Gifts, 2017-2018

CNIB wishes to honour the caring individuals who left a gift in their Will to CNIB to provide support to Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Our sincerest condolences to their families and loved ones.


Anonymous (15)
Albert  L. Aiello
Noreen Iris Ferguson Allen
Reginald George Gilbert Allman  
Ethel Rose  Atcheson  
Jadette Auclair 
Huguette Baehler
Albert  Baes 
Myrtle Bagshaw
Lucy  Mary Baker 
David Campbell Barr
Ellen Mary Gertrude Barrett  
Dorothy Helen Bell  
Reynolde Benningen  
Herta Emmi Bertuleit 
Edward James Best 
John  William Billes  
Josephine Black
William Young Melville Boyce
Gerald Maurice Brawley Estate Foundation 
Margaret Kathaleen Burrowes 
Gordon Butler  
John  Edward Butler
Marjorie Eileen Butler 
Christine Cameron 
Archibald Alexander Campbell
Athol Lillian Beatty Cherry
Charles Christie
Margaret Kathleen Christie  
Thomas Edmund  Christopher  
Raquel Esperanza Ciria  
Hubert Beresford Clinch
Eleanor Estella Cochrane  
Gladys Levina Collings
Howard L. Connors  
Annie Eliza Cormier
Sharon Anne Corrigan
Marilyn Rose Couperthwaite 
Lillian Cozine  
Elsie  Cross 
Robert Henderson Currie  
Danny Dan 
Florence Helen Darby 
Elizabeth Ann Davis 
Elsie  Mary Daw
Laura Gertrude Dawe 
Brian Dawson
Raymond Benedict Denomme 
Vera Dolly Denty  
Jeanne Henrietta Deutsch
Mary Louise Dickinson
Mary Arlene Donovan 
Frances Doran  
Nancy Barbara Dorey 
Heather Gwendolyn Downes
Sylvia Willemina Drop 
Helen Mary Duncan 
Ina Mae Durst
Robert J. Dykeman 
Jean  Leslie Dyson  
Evelyn Elizabeth  Edwards
Paulinus Ehses 
Delma A. Elliott  
Frances Jean Empay  
Olga  Tarnowsky Etty 
David Falardeau  
Richard Joseph Farmer  
Erich Otto  Feldhahn  
Gwendolyn May Ferguson
Roland Boyd Ferris  
Betty Leone Fitzmaurice
Doris Fletcher  
Melba Doris Found  
Bella  Alice  Fry  
Jean  Helen Gagne  
Jean  Le Gall  
Ruby Elizabeth Garbutt  
Rachel Garneau
Jany Evelyne Gavey
Claire Gelinas  
Evelyn Ilene (Babe) Gent  
Lloyd Henry George  
Eleanor Isabel George
Beatrice Ellen Gerlitz  
Michael Andrew Gladish 
Joseph Gorog
Ethel Viola  Graham
Marjorie Gray
Julia Mary Gray 
John  Green  
Sarah Betty Green  
Jean  Elizabeth Greenaway  
Emma Gruenke
Maxine Carol Gruenke
Katherine Guenther
Mary Margaret Harris 
Joyce Godly Hayward 
Carell Hearn 
Beatrice Fraid Heillig
Lillian Herod 
Lyle Merle Hess 
Marjorie Ruth Hickey  
Edgar Ray Hillyard  
Kenneth Hnidan
Frederick Hodgson 
Mary Hoegi
Harold Alvin Hopkins  
Cecile Adele Hughes
John  David Isbister 
Joan Dorothy Jackson 
Joy Donna Jamer  
Leslie Leonard James 
Florence Alice James  
Mary Aileen Spooner Johnson
Allan  Joyce
Beverley Myna Kagnoff  
Ida May Keith 
Joan  Patricia Daisy Kelter 
Elsie May Kenst 
Cameron Kitching
Roy Frederick Kopfmann  
William Frederick Krell
Alma Kruse
Nell Laird
Alexander Landall
Glenn Garnet Lawrence 
Charles Eric Lazenby 
Bernice Leboldus 
Olive Edna Levy

Alice  Lindenberger
Mary Link
Robert Lock
Robert Charles Lock
Annie M. Loggie
Alice  Ethel MacInnes 
Mary Scott MacKay
Joyce Catharine MacVicar 
John  Derrick Manson 
Mary Theresa Markell 
Edward Gordon Marrett 
Irene May Matthews
In Memory of Robert Reginald Maxwell
Luella Albertha McCleary 
Donald William Frederick McDonald
John  Mansel McFarlane 
Gillian Gladys McGrew
Nadine McInnis 
Helen Gertrude McIntosh 
The Donalda McKenna  Charitable Trust
Jean  Catherine McKenzie 
Frances Gamble  McKitrick  
Alan B. McLean 
Thomas Knevett  Meacock  
Eva Mae Mills 
Joan  Marie Mitchell
Ruth  A. Moir  
Doris Elizabeth Montague 
Edna Craig Moore
Gwendelyne Ethel Moysa 
Norman Moysa 
Doris Muckle 
Katherine   Mulholland  
Grace Kingsnorth Munro
Russel John Munro  
Alfred Fred Muth  
Dorothy Thelma Margaret Nairn 
Norris Lionel Nathanson
Margery Alice Neate
Doris Noftall 
Mary Roselia Noren
Hugh Lawrence Nugent  
Michael Keith O'Neill
Francis Ouellette  (Foundation)  
Melvin Edward Palmer
Eileen Elizabeth   Palmer  
Joseph Armand Paquette  
Florence Payne 
Lee and Gladys Payne Charitable Trust  
Alberni Vida Hampt Peene 
Anne Louise Peppler  
Doris Irene Peters
Agnes Mary Poch
Dorothy Margaret Pope 
Jean  Hughes Potter
George William Procunier 
Donna Patricia Querengesser  
J.H. Rattray, M.C. Memorial Fund 
James Michael Reeve 
Ruth  Eileen Reeves
Audrae Elizabeth  Reid
Maureen Daisy Rhodes           
Josette Ringlet                                           
Daphne Ianthe Gwenyeth Rocheford                              
Earle Robertson Roden                                
Allison Duncan Rosenberg                                    
Anna Mary Ryan                                
The Ryckman Trust                                     
Grant William Sage                                     
The John A. Sanderson  and Family Trust 
Meropi Sargeant                                         
Isobel Marguerite Sauder                                    
Edna Savage                                             
Hilda Elizabeth    Sawyer                                     
Raymond Scagnetti                                             
Elinore Joan Scanlon                                   
Jean  Elizabeth Scott                                   
Rose  Helen Seli                                 
Victoria Anne Grace Seymour                       
Stanley Shaw                                             
Wasyl H. Shelest                                
Roy Perdue Shouldice                                 
George F. Siddorn                                       
Anthony Simmonds                                             
Harry Reginald Smith                                  
Catharina   Roelofina Smith                                  
Claire Marie Snowball                                  
Barbara Edith Grace Sole                             
Helen Allen Stacey                                      
Jean  Maynard Stainton                               
Helen Ann Staniec                                       
Mary Anne Stapleton                                  
Alice  Ruth  Stark                                
Shirley Adelia Eagles Stevenson                            
Frances Emily Stutt                                     
Beatrice Nora Swinford                                
Rose  Switzer                                             
Joan  Birbeck Thorn                                    
Harold L. Tucker  - AL Schoenknecht Oil Royalty
Jeffery Scott Upton                                     
Emily Esther Walker                                    
Kenneth Lawrence Webb                                      
Kathleen Mary West                                    
Elva  White                                       
Henriette and Leonard  White Endowment Fund               
Gertraud Whitbeck                                              
Mike  Wiersma                                           
Margaret Stella Glyn Williams                        
Margaret Murray Wilson                                      
Olga  Eileen Worrell                                    
Marcella Flanders Wright                                      
Irene Young
Mary M. Young


Other Planned Gifts, 2017-2018

CNIB wishes to honour the caring individuals who have donated a Planned Gift to support Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.


Jane Beaumont Endowment Fund

Life Insurance

Richard L. Gauvin*
Donald Gormley
Diane Lavery*
Bazil Nowe*
Arthur Peeling*

Charitable Remainder Trust

Doris Muckle*

Guaranteed Investment Fund

Margaret J. Sibbick*

* CNIB gratefully acknowledges the generous support of donors who have passed away since making their gift. We send our heartfelt condolences to their families.

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