Making a Gift in Your Will

Three simple steps to leaving a legacy gift for CNIB 

Woman signing a will

Step 1) Give us a call. 

If you’d like to leave a gift in your will to CNIB, our legacy giving specialists will personally guide you through the process. 

Our team can:

  • Explain how a gift in your will can help people who are blind or partially sighted in your community.

  • Ensure that your gift is directed to the area of our work that you choose.

  • Help you find a lawyer who will help you to draft or change your will.

  • Work with you to get the greatest possible tax benefits from your gift.

  • Talk through the steps involved in adding a gift in your will.

  • Provide you the appropriate legal wording you’ll need to use in your will.

  • Answer any questions you may have. 

To reach our legacy giving team, email or call us toll-free at 1-800-563-2642 and ask to speak with a donation specialist. 

Step 2) Decide what you’d like to set aside.

You can choose to give a specific sum, designate a small percentage, or leave the remainder of your estate to CNIB, after your loved ones have been taken care of. Our team can explain the differences between those options, but the decision is yours to make.  

Step 3) Visit your lawyer. 

After you’ve decided on what you’d like to give, all that’s left to do is visit your lawyer and have your will changed legally. If you don’t have a lawyer, our team will be happy to recommend several in your area who are sensitive to the challenges of vision loss – and are able to adapt their process for the needs of people who are blind or partially sighted.  

Note: Be sure to use the correct legal name for CNIB when drawing up your new will: “The Canadian National Institute for the Blind”

Our promises to you  

  1. We’ll always respect your privacy. You don’t have to tell us how much you’ve set aside for CNIB, or even that you’ve left us a gift at all. 

  2. We recognize that this is your decision. We won’t pressure you to make this important choice. It’s your decision, and you need to make it on your own. 

  3. We will use your gift responsibly. We’ll ensure that your legacy gift makes the greatest impact possible for the people you want to help.

  4. We’ll make sure your gift stays in your community. Unless you choose otherwise, we’ll invest your donation into programs and services that directly benefit people who are blind or partially sighted in your area.