Donate in Honour

From birthdays to weddings, anniversaries or retirement parties, there are so many special events in life. Why not celebrate your special event or honour your loved one with a gift that makes a lasting impact in the lives of others?

How to make a gift in honour:

Donate and send your honouree a personalized card

personalized_card.jpg Make a gift in honour of someone you care about, and send them a personalized card to let them know – whether it’s for their birthday, wedding, the holiday season, or any occasion!  





Create a Tribute Fund for your special event  

tribute_fund_special_event.jpgGetting married? Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Why not make your special event even more special by accepting donations for CNIB instead of gifts? A Tribute Fund is a unique, fun and meaningful way to celebrate your big day, and support CNIB at the same time.