Victoria Nolan - Paralympic Rower

Victoria Nolan.jpg

1) What was your first exposure to sports?

Victoria Nolan - 1. First Experience With Sport.m4aVictoria's First Experience with Sport - Audio Response.m4a

2) Why should sports be accessible to everyone?

Victoria Nolan - 2. Why accessible sport is important.m4aWhy accessible sport is important - Audio Response.m4a
3) What is your favourite Paralympic memory?

Victoria Nolan - 3. Best Paralympic Memory.m4aVictoria's Best Paralympic Memory - Audio Response.m4a
4) What is it like to represent your country in the world stage?

Victoria Nolan - 4. Representing Canada.m4aThoughts on Representing Canada - Audio Response.m4a
5) Do you have any words of advice for our aspiring athletes?

Victoria Nolan - 5. Advice.m4aVictoria's Advice - Audio Response.m4a

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