Partnerships in Action

Partnerships with CNIB aren’t cookie-cutter. They’re personalized relationships tailored specifically for your organization’s own needs and philanthropic goals.

Take a moment to read about some of the dynamic partnership models we’ve customized for our corporate partners in the past . . .

Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO)

As CNIB’s national Vision Health Month partner, the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) has been instrumental in getting the word out to Canadians about the importance of taking care of their eyes to help avoid vision loss – and to support CNIB’s vital programs and services for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

During the 2012 Vision Health Month campaign in May, CNIB and CAO worked together to deliver the first-ever Vision Health Month Toonie Campaign, a highly successful initiative that allowed individual optometrists across Canada to get involved in the cause. The campaign was simple: for every eye exam conducted by participating optometrists during the month of May, $2 went to CNIB to support our public education campaigns, as well as our rehabilitation services that empower Canadians with the tools and skills to help overcome the challenges of vision loss. All told, almost 600 optometrists across the country took part in the 2012 Toonie Campaign, and together, they raised approximately $100,000.

In order to thank CAO optometrists for their participation in the campaign and to help grow their businesses across the country, CNIB developed our online Optometrist Locator tool, which allows users to find optometrists in their area quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. The tool was highly publicized throughout Vision Health Month in a number of media, including many ads on the “National Post” website and the sites of its 12 sister newspapers across Canada.

This innovative partnership model has proved highly successful for both the CAO and CNIB – reinforcing the CAO’s position as a credible, expert voice on the topic of vision health and vision loss prevention, while helping them grow their business through increased exposure.

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Loblaws was a proud supporter of Vision Health Month 2012, taking action in a number of ways that brought them to the attention of millions, creating tremendous exposure.

The organization hosted a Vision Health Month kick-off event for hundreds of staff where they sold thousands of dollars’ worth of Loblaws products. They generously donated half the proceeds from the sale to CNIB, with the other half going to their own charity, the President’s Choice Children’s Charity. This fun, interactive event not only made a real difference for two very worthy charities, but it engaged Loblaws’ staff in a morale-boosting, team-building endeavor that they could truly believe in.

The organization also placed inserts in their store flyers to help promote Vision Health Month – as well as the month’s signature event, Shades of Fun – which were delivered to more than four million households across Canada. In using a resource they already had at their disposal, Loblaws was able to seamlessly integrate promotion of a good cause alongside their own marketing efforts.

Loblaws also donated sunglasses supplied by its clothing sub-store, Joe Fresh, to the children of Westacres Public School in Mississauga during Shades of Fun, once again taking advantage of products they already had at their disposal – a smart, powerful way to support our cause. Meanwhile, Loblaws team members attended our Toronto Vision’s Gala, a fundraising event for Vision Health Month, where they not only had a chance to bond and increase their team spirit, but to show their dedicated support for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

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Over several years, Pfizer has shown CNIB an enormous amount of support and generosity through more than one million dollars’ worth of lifetime giving – as well as a range of key campaigns and awareness events Pfizer has made possible through CNIB.

Taking action on their commitment to help improve the vision health of all Canadians, the organization initiated a co-branded CNIB/Pfizer glaucoma awareness campaign in March 2010 to coincide with World Glaucoma Week. Executed by CNIB’s marketing professionals, the campaign is now in its third year and going strong – garnering incredible exposure for both Pfizer and CNIB.

For the past two years, Pfizer has also championed a series of glaucoma screening clinics in 12 cities across Canada, in which optometrists screen members of the public for their risk of glaucoma, as well as other common eye diseases, free of charge.

In addition to providing much-needed funding for several of CNIB’s research projects and publications, Pfizer has also donated products and equipment to CNIB’s Eye Van, a fully-equipped mobile medical eye care clinic. This “eye clinic on wheels” travels more than 6,000 kilometres each year to 30 communities, examining more than 5,000 patients and helping provide an early diagnosis of eye conditions that could lead to blindness if left untreated. Pfizer’s recent donation of glaucoma medication to the Eye Van will ensure that thousands of Canadians receive medicine they may otherwise never have been offered.

With these and other fantastic initiatives, Pfizer has worked with CNIB to demonstrate their dedication to Canadian’s eye health, while reaching new markets across the country, increasing brand awareness and raising their profile as a company that cares.