Why Support Us

Group of casually dressed business people looking upSupporting a cause like CNIB is not only a great way to make a difference for people in your community, it can also bring lasting benefits to your company – and it makes good business sense. 

  • ​8 out of 10 adults say that corporate support of causes wins their trust in a company.*

  • 78% are more likely to buy a product associated with a cause they care about.*

  • 66% would switch brands to support a cause they care about.*

  • 72% are more likely to buy goods or services from a company that commits resources to social and community concerns.*

Benefits to you

As one of Canada’s oldest and most recognized charities, CNIB has developed an incredible level of consumer trust and an extensive media reach both nationally and locally.  

Aligning your brand with ours will improve your philanthropic image and demonstrate to consumers that you’re a company that cares – a company that can be trusted. 

  • ​Improve customer loyalty and employee morale. 

  • Build your image and brand.

  • Drive sales and market share.

  • Reach new markets.

  • Support Canadians who are blind or partially sighted – in your own community and across Canada. 

Boost your local image 

Although CNIB is a national charity, we have a strong focus on local impact, serving Canadians in communities across the country, with 58 regional offices nationwide. 

In addition to our national marketing, public relations and fund development teams, we are also supported by talented regional teams across the country – each of which is dedicated to local media outreach and community engagement. 

Motivate your team

When we build a partnership with you, we’ll create a strategy to engage not only your consumers, but your employees too. We offer a range of ways for your team to get involved with CNIB at the local level and feel inspired by what they’re doing – from events, to workshops, to hands-on volunteering opportunities working directly with Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. 

Build your networks 

We’re proud to work with many corporate leaders and local business owners across Canada. Getting involved with us – whether it’s through a partnership, sponsorship or by attending one of our fundraising events – can also bring you the opportunity to align with any number of potential stakeholders in your community. 


* Based on a Cone/Roper U.S. study and recent Canadian research​​