Fundraising Tips

Follow the tips below and your fundraiser is guaranteed to be a big success!

Aim high!

Set a target slightly above the minimum amount you need or can be satisfied with. Then forget the minimum and aim for that high target!

Ask for support instead of money

Support, after all, is what you’re after. Money is just a means of making that happen. Approach your friends, family and coworkers with that in mind. Let them know that their money will go towards support for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. 

Spread the word

Use email, Facebook and Twitter to open a conversation about your objective and create a CNIB online fundraising page to keep that conversation going with progress updates.

Be persistent and positive

If your requests for support go unanswered, send out a friendly reminder phone call or email. Being persistent and positive even when you’re not getting the results you want can help bump up your fundraising and inspire others!

Get creative

Do you have a hidden talent you can use? Think outside the box. Ask your company to match employee donations dollar for dollar; hold a bake sale to raise funds; or ask your friends and colleagues to join your team and do some fundraising of their own!

Keep it safe

It’s all about common sense. You want your event to have an impact and be talked about for days, so ensure the safety of your guests by following the measures applicable to your activity.

Let your supporters know the good they're doing

They're funding services to ensure people who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life. It's a powerful message! Refer to the Where your money goes section for more information.