The top 4 things you need to know

  1. Not every donation is eligible for a tax receipt.

    Before you hold your fundraiser, it’s important to know that some people who support your event may not be eligible to receive a tax receipt for their donation. Gifts of less than $15 cannot be receipted, nor can sponsorships, or the costs of a donated service like entertainment or catering. Remember, tax receipting for third party events can be complicated, so be sure to work closely with your CNIB contact before promising participants a receipt.

  2. Tax receipting is your call.

    The decision about whether or not you’ll provide tax receipts to the supporters who are eligible to receive them is up to you. Sometimes, depending on the type of event and the kinds of donations made, issuing tax receipts may be a very complicated process for both you and CNIB, and can require a lot of accompanying documentation that you are responsible for providing.

    If you don’t feel that the people who support your event will care about receiving tax receipts, it may be worth considering not issuing them at all.

  3. You’ll need to provide documentation for donations to be receipted.

    If you do make the decision to issue tax receipts to eligible supporters, you (the event organizer) will need to send us a list of full names and addresses for those who will receive them, as well as documentation of the fair market value of the benefits they received at the event.

    Source documents are required for this and include invoices, receipts and proof of fair market value through Internet research. Benefits would include event elements like food/drinks, gift bags and entertainment. Net proceeds from the event must be greater than or equal to the total amount to be receipted (i.e., we cannot receipt for more than is being donated).

    You’ll also need to Register Your Event with CNIB 30 days before your event. This is the agreement between you and CNIB to adhere to tax receipting guidelines.

  4. Timeliness matters!

    Please note that your event proceeds need be forwarded to CNIB within 45 days of the event. Under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, CNIB must have received donations by the last business day of December (or donations must be postmarked prior to December 31) in order for your supporters to be eligible for income tax receipting in that calendar year.