Planning and Promoting Your Fundraiser

What are the two “Ps” that can help make your fundraiser a huge success? Planning and promoting! . . . 

Planning your fundraiser

Who says organizing a fundraising event needs to be complicated? Just follow these simple steps to event planning success:

  1. Register your event

    Visit our Register Your Event page to fill out an event proposal form and tell us what you’re planning. That way we can help you along the way! 

  2. Find a place and secure your date

    Decide on your venue before you do anything else. If you need to book a school gym, community centre or restaurant, you’ll want to plan ahead. Make sure you hold your event at a time when potential guests are available. Ensure your date doesn’t coincide with a holiday or big game.

  3. Rally the troops

    You may need a hand organizing and promoting your event. Get help by recruiting volunteers from your network of family, friends and colleagues. Ask if they can offer goods or services at a discount or for free. 

  4. Figure out finances

    Set a fundraising goal along with a realistic budget. Try to keep expenses as low as possible, so a higher percentage of the money you raise can go to the people who need it. 

  5. Plan to succeed

    Create a to-do list and assign tasks to make sure everything gets done. Find out if you need insurance or permits and make sure you show us a copy of your permits.

  6. Network, network, network

    Tell everyone you know about what you’re doing – friends, family, colleagues, people at the gym, parents at your child’s school, Facebook friends, Twitter followers. They’ll tell people too, and word will spread fast. Create a CNIB online fundraising page to help promote your event and receive online pledges quickly and securely. 

  7. Have a blast

    Enjoy your event! This is when all your planning pays off. Don’t forget to take photos!

  8. Tally the total

    After your event, add up the funds raised and submit them to your CNIB contact within 45 days. Please allow four weeks from that date for tax receipts to be issued.

  9. Say thanks!

    Here's the most important part: acknowledge everyone who participated in or supported your activity and let them know how much you appreciate their help. They will be proud to hear how much money was raised!

  10. Submit your funds

    You can submit the funds you’ve raised to your local CNIB office or our national office at:

    1929 Bayview Avenue
    Toronto, ON
    M4G 3E8
    We want to know how your event went – send us your pictures to and tell us what your goal was and the grand total of funds you raised. Then start planning your next eventure!


Promoting your fundraiser

Building awareness of your fundraising event will make it a lot more successful. Here are our top five tips for promoting your event – whether it’s a golf tournament, garage sale, dance, dinner party or anything in between!

  1. Create posters and flyers.

    Create a poster or flyer that lists all the details of your event – who, what, why, when and where – and display them in your community before and during the event. After your Register Your Event we can send you our logo for your materials.

  2. Use online promotion.

    Use your own email lists or try to source email lists (like from your gym or workplace) to inform and invite participants. Go online and search for community blogs and e-calendars where you can list your event, and set up a group on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. And don't forget to create a CNIB online fundraising page to help you promote.

  3. Cross-promote.

    Take advantage of any other events happening in your community. If your fundraising event is scheduled to take place soon after another event in your area, ask the event organizers for permission to display materials to promote your own event. 

  4. Get sponsored.

    Partner with local companies, shops and restaurants in your community to help reach out to more people. Promotion can be done on their website, in-store by displaying flyers and posters, and even through their customer newsletters and mailings. Sponsor companies can also donate equipment, services, prizes, food and beverages for your event.

  5. Tell the media.

    Working with the media is a great way to spread the word. Contact your local CNIB office or media contact and we’ll be happy to provide you with templates for press releases to help get you started.