How CNIB can help 

Fundraising volunteers like you are the reason CNIB can keep its doors open year after year, and support people who are blind or partially sighted nationwide. So let us help you help them!

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What CNIB can provide

  • A letter of endorsement as written confirmation to validate the authenticity of an approved event once you register your event, and the date and venue have been confirmed.
  • An online event listing on CNIB’s special events web calendar.
  • The use of the “in support of CNIB” logo in an electronic format suitable for print production and/or your online communications.
  • Event planning resources and templates.
  • If available, a CNIB staff member to attend the event.
  • Upon request, a CNIB ambassador to attend the event. 
  • Template “thank you” letters for sponsorships and other non-receiptable contributions.
  • Charitable tax receipts according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules and regulations.


CNIB cannot provide

  • Funding or reimbursement for event expenses.
  • Mailing lists, such as donor lists or CNIB client lists.
  • Prizes, auction items and/or awards.
  • Promotion and/or advertising of the event except on the online special events calendar.
  • Coordination of applications for any licenses the event may require.
  • Coordination of ticket sales and/or corporate sponsorship.
  • Guaranteed attendance of staff, volunteers or ambassadors at your event.


Associating your event with CNIB

  • You’ll need to register your event if you’ll be using CNIB’s logo on your event materials. This form is an agreement between you and CNIB to use our logo appropriately and adhere to tax receipting guidelines.
  • Be sure to promote a positive image of CNIB. We may need to withdraw permission and support should any activity be discovered that undermines CNIB’s mission or reputation.
  • Your event communications should clearly state the extent to which CNIB is a beneficiary of the event. For example, “a portion of the proceeds will go to CNIB.”
  • You may respond to media inquiries related to your event, but inquiries relating to CNIB in general should be forwarded to your contact at CNIB or to our CNIB Helpline at 1-800-563-2642 (or email us at
  • Be sure to obey the law and obtain the necessary permits, licenses and insurance for your event. We cannot assume any legal, financial or any other liability for your event.
  • Please be aware that you cannot make any promises on behalf of CNIB or obligate CNIB without our written consent.