Responses from Major Party Leaders to CNIB’s Call For Support of Accessible Literature in Canada

Only seven per cent of printed materials published around the world are available in accessible formats such as braille, audio and large-print. This means that three million Canadians with print disabilities, including people with vision loss and other print disabilities, are not able to read the majority of literature published internationally. Currently CNIB, a registered charity, is the primary producer of accessible literature in Canada.

Over the past decade, CNIB has received occasional grant funding from the federal government ​for the production of alternate format literature, but that is not enough. Canadians should not be expected to rely in any measure on charitable funding to ensure their basic human right to literacy. The current situation is neither fair nor sustainable.

CNIB recently wrote to all major party leaders prior to the federal election asking them to commit to sustainable funding in the introduction of their first budget as government in order to ensure access to literature for people with a print disability.

CNIB is a non-partisan entity and we present the following summary of responses in the spirit of unbiased information sharing. You can read the full letters we received to the CNIB Leaders Engagement Letter below:

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